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LANCO industrial Supplies

Distributors & Stockists

Distributors & Stockists

Parapet Walls

  • super laycryl®
  • hydroproof®
  • hydroproof® LITE
  • duraproof cem block
  • duracrack filler
  • duracote decorative


  • super laykold®
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold® spay & seal®
  • bituseal® plastic
  • hydroproof®
  • hydroproof® LITE
  • duracote decorative

Under Roofing Tiles

  • slatex® 2000

Gutter Leaks

  • bituseal® plastic
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold®
  • super laykold® spay & seal®


  • duraflex®
  • duraproof cem block
  • duracrack filler
  • duracote decorative
  • abe® peel and stick membrane

Valley Gutters

  • super lacryl® and abe® membrane
  • bituseal® plastic
  • super laykold®
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold® spray & seal®
  • bituseal® plastic
  • hydroproof®
  • hydroproof® LITE

Roof Care

  • duraroof


  • bituseal® plastic
  • super laycryl® and abe® membrane
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold® spray & seal®
  • hydroproof®
  • hydroproof® LITE

Roofing Screws

  • super lacryl® and abe® membrane
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold® spray & seal®
  • bituseal® plastic


  • super laycryl® and abe® membrane
  • super laykold®
  • super laykold® tape
  • super laykold® spray & seal®
  • bituseal® plastic
  • hydroproof®
  • hydroproof® LITE

Positive Side Damp Proofing

  • wallseal
  • duraflex®
  • brixeal®
  • abe® waterproofing slurry
  • duraproof cem block


  • covering:
  • abedex® unigum® or
  • abe® torch-on 4 mm
  • duraflex®
  • duraproof cem block
  • abe® peel and stick membrane

Wood Preservative

  • carbolineum
  • creosote
  • provonite

Dams & Koi Ponds

  • super laykold®
  • duraflex®

Water Tanks

  • cement: duraflex® or
    super laykold®
  • metal: ravenol

Tank Base Mastic

  • flintkote 3

Self-Levelling Screed

  • abe®screed SLC P

Brush Cleaner

  • abe® super brush cleaner


  • abecote® clear PU top coat
  • abecote® tough epoxy paint
  • abeseal finisol
  • abe® flooring resin


  • abecote® clear PU top coat
  • abecote® tough epoxy paint
  • abeseal finisol
  • abe® flooring resin

High Temprature

  • abe® gasket red

Epoxy Adhesive, Filler & Grout

  • epidermix® 372

Paintable & Gap Filling

  • abe® filler foam
  • abe® PAINTERS acrylic
  • Painters Mate

Windows & Door Frames / Joints

  • flexothane® 27
  • Dowsil 813 C
  • Dowsil 799

Secure & Seal

  • TheWorks Pro

General Purpose & Sanitary

  • abe® silicone
  • Dowsil 781

Wood Block Adhesive

  • grip-a-bloc

Tree Seal

  • treeseal pruning grade
  • treeseal grafting grade

Epoxy, Repair, Grout & Adhesives

  • epidermix® 314
  • epidermix® 318
  • epidermix® 344
  • epidermix® 395
  • epidermix® 396

Cement, Repair & Grout

  • duragrout® GP (non-shrink)
  • durarep FR (fibre-reinforced)
  • durarep FC (fairing coat)
  • durarep 60 & 180
  • abe® CEM-blanc (white cement)

Plaster Bonding

  • abebond® plastergrip
  • duralatex
  • abebond® plasta enhancer

Vehicle Underbody / Chassis

  • autokote
  • ravenol


  • bidim® (geotextile fabric)
  • bidim® flashpack®


  • bidim® (geotextile fabric)
  • bidim® flashpack®

Metal Etch Priming

  • 4 metal primer

Damp Proof Course

  • malthoid

Negative Side Damp Proofing

  • abe® waterproofing slurry
  • duraflex®

Flat Roofing

  • primer: bituprime
  • covering: abedex® unigum® or
    abe® torch-on 4 mm
  • coating: silvakote® eco
  • flashing: super laycryl®and
    abe® membrane

Concrete Repair Systems

Widths > 0.1 mm High viscosity crack stabiliser Epoxy epidermix 365
Widths < 0.1 mm Low viscosity crack stabiliser epidermix 389
Smoothing surface imperfections and blowholes Thin coat, high strength, feather edge Cementitious dura.rep FC
High strength, feather edge, damp substrate Epoxy epidermix 505
Concrete substrates, wet-to-dry adhesive Shorter open time Acrylic GP
Medium open time Epoxy epidermix 344
Long open time epidermix 345
Steel reinforcing protection Zinc rich passivating coating dura.rep ZR primer
Solvent free, filled amine cured mastic Epoxy tar epidermix 315
Bonding and filling of most construction materials, including concrete to asphalt and tack-bonding of rubber Solvent free, filled amine cured mastic Epoxy tar epidermix 315
Additive/bonding primer for cement mortars and screeds Improves adhesion, tensile and flexural strengths of sand/cement mixtures permitting thin layers Synthetic resin polymer dura.latex
Carbonation, chloride and other water borne contaminants barrier Coloured, UV stable, flexible Acrylic dura.cote WB
Concrete, masonry structures, protection against carbonation, chloride and other water borne contaminants Elastomeric, crack bridging, UV stable Cementitious abe® silocoat
Waterproofing, protection and repair of new and old concrete structures internally and externally Flexible, non-toxic, excellent bond to concrete dura.flex®
Sealing, laminating, screeding and tile grouting Solvent free, novolac modified, high chemical resistance Epoxy abe® cote SF 217
Coating/mortar for protection of asphalt against oil and chemical resistance to concrete and steel Good wear and chemical resistance Coal tar epoxy abe® cote SF 356
Structural reinstatement vertically and overhead and honeycomb repairs High strength, dual expansion and migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) Cementitious dura.rep GT – MCI
High strength, fibre reinforced, high build, migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) dura.rep FR
Concrete pavements and shuttered structural repairs High strength, fluid micro concrete, migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) dura.rep FMC
Plugging holes and running water 1 minute set, impervious dura.rep 60
3 minute set, impervious dura. ® rep 60
dura. ® rep 180
Adhesive/repair to patching defects in concrete and fibre cement, fabricating components High early strength and chemical resistant Epoxy epidermix 318
Bedding mortar/adhesive to patching precast units, concrete surfaces, stair treads, joint arises, honeycombed concrete High early strength, cures in damp conditions epidermix 319
Structural reinstatement to vertical, overhead defects, honeycomb and spall repairs High early strength, putty consistency, cures in damp conditions epidermix 314


Parapet wall encapsulation Economical, kit, range of colours Acrylic hydroprof
Primer for bitumen overlays or coatings Consolidation of surface and preparation Bitumen
Showers, fish ponds, reservoirs, water structures Elastomeric, potable water, grey Cementitious dura.flex®
Concrete, plaster and brick surfaces, dams, ponds, basements, sewage plants, supporting walls Internal and external, potable water, grey, rigid dura.slurry
Protective coatings for bitumen Flexible, light reflective, UV protection Bitumen/Aluminium silvakote, silvakote eco
Flashings, parapet walls, protective coating, sealing of joints, laps and roof screws on corrugated roofs Flexible, coloured, UV protection, excellent weathering Bitumen/Acrylic super lacryl
Flashings, fish ponds, earth dam linings, areas of total immersion, joints, laps, roof screws on corrugated roofs Flexible, rubberised, potable water Bitumen super laykold
Concrete beams and pillars in contact with exterior brickwork, waterproof barrier Flexible, heavy duty, single pack, quick drying brixseal
Heavy duty mastic sealer and repair compound to seal most roofing defects Solvent based, asbestos free, reinforced bituminous mastic bitu.seal plastic
Water repellent for concrete and masonry Clear, non-staining Silane/Siloxane wallseal
Solvent borne, liquid primer applied to most building substrates Excellent surface conditioner, durable, quick drying, moisture insensitive Solvent abe® proof liquid membrane primer
Solvent borne, liquid waterproofing membrane suitable for most building substrates Highly elastic, durable, low VOC, rubberised, low maintenance abe® proof liquid membrane
Used as a single layer system or as part of a multi-layer in both the refurbishment and new building works market Polymer modified bitumen reinforced with a composite reinforcement. Bitumen membrane abe.®torch 4 mm
On all sloping surfaces; flat, vertical and curved. On different types of substrates Index VIS P 4 mm
General waterproofing, flat roofs (suited for hotter climatic conditions) Twin carrier, low maintenance, mineral surface abe® unigum MS
Twin carrier, smooth surface, hard compound strength abe® unigum
Roof gardens and planter boxes Anti-root protection Index Defend Anti-root P
Flat and inverted roof systems, dam linings Flexible compound strength Index Fidia P
Flat and inverted roof systems Low maintenance, mineral surface Index Fidia MS
Expansion joints High flexibility Index Helasta P4
Under trafficable overlays, asphalt, pavers etc. Excellent heat and abrasion resistance, hot asphalt tolerant Index Testudo
Basement tanking Rot proof
Geotextile for drainage, filtration, separation and protection Non-woven, needle-punched, continuous filament Polyester Bidim®
Reinforcing membrane for a.b.e.® cementitious waterproofing systems i.e. dura.flex® Non-woven, needle-punched, continuous filament Polypropylene ecofelt
Polymer bonded E-glass yarn 55 gram scrim, versatile force of reinforcement that will increase the coating strength and reduce cracking. Fibreglass abe.®flex
Damp proofing 2 ply, 3 ply, 5 ply Bitumen membrane Malthoid 2 ply,
Malthoid 3 ply,
Malthoid 5 ply
Slate roofing Aluminium faced waterproofing slatex 2000
Low thresholds, waterproofing floor areas of patio’s, balconies, wet areas in kitchens, bathrooms and showers to receive tile adhesive and tiling Universal, self-adhesive, alkali resistant abe® peel and stick membrane
Flashing tapes Self-adhesive, aluminium faced super laykold waterproofing tape
Terraces, flat roofs, roof gardens and planters, retaining walls, tanking High compressive strength HDPE membrane and geotextile abe.®drain (8mm)
Roof gardens and planter boxes to prevent water stagnation Dimples retain water and excess water is drained – anti-stagnation abe.®drain G
Roof gardens and planter boxes to prevent water stagnation Dimples retain water and excess water is drained – anti-stagnation HDPE membrane and perforations abe.®drain 20 P
Terraces, flat roofs, roof gardens and planters, retaining walls, tanking 20 mm raised dimple for extra drainage capacity HDPE membrane abe.®drain 20
Existing and new roof areas Flexible, crack bridging, UV resistant, low VOC Acrylic abe.® proof acrylic
Primer, sealer and bonding agent for abe.®proof liquid acrylic systems Water based, non-toxic and excellent bonding abe.® proof acrylic primer
Concrete deck waterproofing Seamless coating Polyurethane abe.® proof PU ECO

Silicone Sealants & Adhesives

Chemical plants and high trafficked joints Chemical resistant, damp substrate bonding Polyurethane
flexothane CTW
Chemical plants, factory and warehouse floors Fuel, chemical and abrasion resistant Polyurethane
flexothane EPU
Reinforcing joint filler for heavy wheeled traffic floors, semi-rigid, 65 Shore A hardness Polyurethane flexothane 65 P
Reinforcing joint filler for heavy wheeled traffic floors, semi-rigid, 80 Shore A hardness flexothane 80 P
Slot sealing compound in roads, runways, hardstands, aprons and car parks Cold applied, pourable, self-levelling and fast setting Epoxy tar epidermix 316
Joining metal or cementitious water main pipe sections Epoxy adhesive/grout and patching compound Epoxy epidermix 338 HBT
Adhesive, filler and grouting medium General purpose adhesive for most materials epidermix 372
Structural adhesive for most building materials Structural dry-to-dry epoxy adhesive Polyurethane modified epoxy epidermix 350
Fixing 22 mm woodblock flooring Economical, solvent free, woodblock adhesive Bitumen grip-a-bloc
Wet and dry bonding and sealing Bonds and seals most materials Scypolymer theWORKS PRO
Manhole and concrete butt joint sealing Cold applied, pre-formed, pressure sensitive sealant Bitumen abe® bitumen manhole sealer
Manhole and low movement vertical and inclined joints Cold applied, jointing compound Modified bitumen abe® bitu.® joint putty
Sealing of concrete butt joints in precast elements Cold applied, solvent free pre-formed butyl sealant Butyl rubber abe® butyl joint sealer
Gap filling, paintable sealant Fast cure, flexible, paintable Acrylic abe® Painters Mate
Non-porous, non-cementitious materials High strength, 100% silicone, MAF 25% Acetoxy DowSil™ 781
Porous and non-porous surfaces Weatherseals, non-corrosive, low odour Neutral cure DowSil™ 799
Weatherseals, expansion and perimeter joints DowSil 813C
Construction joint sealer and crack filler, wide movement areas Hybrid flexothane 15
Construction joint sealer, crack filler and adhesive, low movement areas, 45 Shore A hardness flexothane 25
Structural bonding of glass and metal One component, high tensile strength, factory applied. Neutral Cure DowSil™ 895
Two component, pump applied DowSil™ 993
Insulated glazing sealant for structural glazing Low water absorption, secondary seal for IG units Neutral Cure DowSil™ 3362
For forming expansion joints or as backing material for joints Suitable for water retaining structures (dura.sheet 100) Polyurethane dura.cord and dura.sheet 40/100
Civil engineering structures, reservoirs and floors Chemical, biological resistance and potable water Polysulphide dura.kol G HM
High rise structures, floor and general building joints Water and certain chemical resistance dura.kol G LM
Floors, canals and horizontal joints Pourable, self-levelling joint sealant dura.kol P LM
Concrete, brickwork, steel, aluminium and ceramic tiles Elastic, low modulus, gun grade, moisture curing Polyurethane flexothane 27
Civil engineering structures, reservoirs and floors Raw water, sewage and reticulation works flexothane G
Raw water, sewage works, bacteria resistance flexothane P
Pavements, garage forecourts, fuel depots Flexible, self-levelling, fuel and chemical resistance Polyurethane/Tar flexothane HS
For panel bonding applications that require high durability and fast handling Instant green strength directly after application Neutral cure DowSil™ 896 PanelFix
Suitable for cladding panels in rainscreen/ventilated façade designs Provide load support for panel bonding applications Spacer tape DowSil™ PanelFix Tape
Adhesion promoter for use on natural stone, masonry and glass fibre-reinforced concrete Resists adhesion degradation due to water immersion Silane Resin DowSil™ Primer P
Concrete contraction and expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, fuel resistant, UV stable Silicone DowSil™ 888
Concrete and asphalt construction and expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, fuel resistant, self-levelling DowSil™ 890 SL
Concrete and steel bridge expansion joints Seals irregular surfaces, self-levelling, rapid cure DowSil™ 902 RCS

High Performance Coating Solutions (VIP)

Surface Pretreatment & Repair Two component, solvent free primer for concrete and steel Epoxy QuickPrime 2k SF
One component, solvent free primer for concrete and steel Polyurethane QuickPrime 1k PU SF
One component, solvent borne primer for steel, concrete and as an i/c primer QuickPrime 1k PU
High build elastomeric linings Pure polyurea QuickSpray Industrial Std
Pure polyurea with potable water certification QuickSpray Industrial W
Pure high performance polyurea QuickSpray Supreme HP
Pure polyurea with low surface energy QuickSpray Supreme LSE
Pure polyurea with high elongation QuickSpray Supreme HE
Pure aliphatic polyurea QuickSpray Supreme AL
Pure polyurea with potable water certification QuickSpray Supreme W
High build elastomeric linings Pure polyurea, flexible waterproofing membrane QuickSeal PP 350
Highly reflective elastomeric coating QuickSeal Reflect Silver
High pressure, reflective encapsulating membrane Asbestosshield
Flexible waterproofing membrane with reflective elastomeric coating reducing heat transfer QuickSeal MP 500 Reflect Silver
Flooring - thin built coatings Super fast, aliphatic roll-down coating QuickFloor 500
Solvent free, low odor, high performance, rapid curing flooring product QuickFloor 400
Joint Sealants Non-slump polyurea cartridge system QuickFill NS Std
Non-slump polyurea cartridge system with retarded geltime QuickFill NS Slow
Non-slump polyurea cartridge system with soft properties QuickFill NS Soft
Self-levelling polyurea cartridge system QuickFill SL Std
Self-levelling polyurea cartridge system with soft properties QuickFill SL Soft
Rapid cure polyurea polymer for concrete and mortar repairs QuickFill Xpress

General Construction

Structural bonding dry-to-dry concrete, steel and bricks High strength, non-slump, non-shrink Epoxy epidermix 350
External carbon fibre structural reinforcement, use with dura.®fibre CFP Non-shrink, excellent adhesion, high strengths and solvent free dura.fibre CFP adhesive
Laminating/impregnating resin used in conjunction with dura.fibre CFW Solvent free, self-priming and excellent adhesion to substrates dura.fibre CFW resin
Bonding mortar/plaster applications and integral admixture Good bond, economical Synthetic resin abe.®bond plastersgrip
Polymer modified cement based mortar adhesive used to bond concrete blocks/bricks together instead of traditional thick mortar bedding system Provide a thin, excellent adhesion, very strong bond between block/brick faces with water resistant barrier between joints Cementitious abe.®fix TBM (thin bed mortar)
Protective coating for steel, concrete and timber Corrosion protection to most surfaces Epoxy coal tar abe.®cote 352
Protect cementitious, metallic surfaces, water tanks and piping Potable water, mild chemical resistance Bitumen ravenol
Steel corrosion inhibitor and coating Quick drying, thixotropic Epoxy abe.®cote 384
Primer/sealer for porous surfaces, concrete, plaster, fibre cement and timber. Versatile primer for epoxies and polyurethanes, long pot life abe.®cote 386
Lining to prevent build-up of low abrasion materials (feed meal silos) Solvent free epoxy to improve slip factor abe.®cote SF 321
Penetrating liquid with hydrophobic properties applied to concrete, stone and face brickwork Protection against chlorides, carbon dioxide ingress, reduces corrosion efflorescence Silane siloxane dura.sil SH
Shutter release agent Excellent release agent, economical Oil emulsion dura.strip
Curing membrane for concrete, masonry surfaces Clear and white pigmented for light reflectance, meets ASTM requirements Wax emulsion CHRYSO® Cure WB
Wax emulsion and fugitive dye CHRYSO® Cure WBD
Acrylic emulsion CHRYSO® Cure Acrylic
Petroleum resin emulsion, white pigmented CHRYSO® Cure WP
High performance solvented CHRYSO® Cure HPS
Grouting and anchoring bars, bolts and fixing steel into concrete, high strength masonry, brick and rock Applied under water, cures in 45 minutes. Rapid strength gain, pourable and paste consistency Polyester epidermix 725 TX
Anchoring into solid substrates and for use in dry, wet and flooded holes Vinylester formulated, free of styrene, has a very low odor and is ideal for use in confined spaces and indoors Vinylester abe® chemical anchor MAXX
Machine, column, crane rails, wind farm bases and anchor bolts Fluid, rammable, non-shrink, high strength Cementitious dura.grout
Bridge bearings, machine and column bases, anchor bolts Flowable, high strength Epoxy epidermix 324
Bridge bearings, machine bases, structural elements Rammable, high strength epidermix 325
Starter bars vertically down Quick setting, flowable, structural and chemical resistant epidermix 395
Starter bars horizontally or overhead Quick setting, non-flow, structural and chemical resistant epidermix 396
Durable protection layer to fibre cement, insulation boards, rock and concrete wall surfaces Good bond, flexural and tensile strengths, economical, paintable and reduced permeability Cementitious abe® mortar clad
General purpose white Portland cement Aesthetic and decorative, high strength abe.®CEM-blanc
Fast setting patching mortar for concrete and pavement structures High-early final compressive strengths, self-compacting, chloride free and non-shrink dura.rep FS
Polymer modified high-strength concrete reinstatement mortar with excellent compatibility with concrete in terms of movement Structural, good abrasion resistance, high compressive strengths, chloride and carbon dioxide resistant dura.rep HS
Polymer modified, shrinkage compensated cementitious patching compound in concrete Fibre reinforced, chloride free, non-toxic, applications 5 – 40 mm thick dura.rep P&S
Smoothing of irregular surfaces and blow holes on concrete and masonry to provide a suitable chemical resistant finish Provides an easy workable, trowel applied, thixotropic, non-slump consistency, to receive an appropriate chemical top coat Epoxy Cement dura.rep EC
High strength repair compound for concrete, masonry and brickwork, joint arises, stair treads, precast units Chemical resistant, cure under damp conditions, high-early/ultimate final compressive strengths Polyester epidermix 715
Prevent regress or ingress of water/liquids through joints in water retaining structures Withstands a 10 m head of water Polyvinyl chloride waterstops dura.joint PVC waterstops
Sea water retaining structure joints > 10 mm movement Withstands a 50 m head of water Rubber waterstops dura.joint rubber waterstops
Integral sealing for construction joints in case in-situ concrete where space or access restricted Seals by immediate swelling and by crystallization Swellable waterstop-bentonite dura.joint SW-B
Integral sealing for prefabricated concrete joint construction under conditions of confinement Seals joints in tunnels and shafts Swellable waterstop-rubber dura.joint SW-R
Provides excellent extension in cross direction and rigid lengthwise as well as strong high-tenacity joint/crack sealing High pressure resistance, excellent lateral and longitudinal elongation Polypropylene, special coated non-woven waterproofing tape
Repairing/sealing of expansion, construction, contraction joints High performance waterproofing bandage Thermoplastic elastomers dura.joint flexband system
Repairing / patching defects in concrete Light weight, quick turnaround time for repair work Carbon fibre plate dura.fibre CFP
Offers outstanding tensile strength for bending loads, deformation, or increased stress and E-modulus for the structural strengthening of reinforced concrete elements Light weight, quick turnaround time for repair work Carbon fibre fabric/wrap dura.fibre CFW
Fine particle size surface poly-adhesive for excellent dust binding Produces a durable, smooth and dust free surface High range dust suppressant CHRYSO® Eco Dust 100
Emulsified dust lubrication system that aids in the coalescing, stabilisation and suppression of rising dust particles and spores Creates a dust free environment, complete dust suppression, increased road visibility and increased grip CHRYSO® Eco Dust 200